Preserving Our Town

While many small cities have lost their traditional downtowns as a result of commercial strip and suburban development, the City of Landrum has held on to and strengthened its traditional downtown center through careful and deliberate city planning. For many years Landrum’s local government in partnership with the business community and supported by the citizenry, have created and continue to maintain a pedestrian orientated traditional downtown environment. Strolling through downtown Landrum, viewing the historic brick commercial shops, our downtown parks and historic train depot, one can easily understand why this community is so unique.

Its no wonder this community has a tremendous appreciation of history given its setting. History is likewise reflected in the goods displayed and sold in many of our downtown commercial business. Antiques make up a substantial portion of Landrum’s downtown commerce. It stands to reason that a respect for the sale of “fine old things” would exist among this historic community. The variety of available antique merchandise is incredible. Everything from antique jewelry to 15 foot tall stained glass windows salvaged from an old church are available. But it is not only antiques that make this community unique because Landrum has many other shops offering a variety of goods and services along with numerous restaurants offering fine dining for every taste and price range. Taken as a whole, the historic community of Landrum becomes a perfect destination for that weekend (or during the week) getaway.