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August 11, 2022
Landrum is excited about using our newly enacted zoning tool, the
Flexible Review District (FRD) in the planning of the proposed Claiborne
planned housing development on the west side of our city.
When a property is purchased, the zoning designation may require a
change in the property. In this case the 65 acre parcel is currently zoned
Commercial (C2). Until recently a single family housing development
would request to be to change the C2 zoning to a Single Family (R1)
designation. With our newly enacted Flexible Review District (FRD) the
City has options on matters such as housing density, design setbacks and
the developers also have options as to their master plan. The City
encourages a master plan for large tracts of land so there is consistency
and better quality in the development.
In this case under the traditional R1 status the 65 acre tract could allow up
to 280 single family homes. Using the FRD status the developers have
designed a master plan that will propose 155 single family homes that will
include amenities such as walking paths and open space as well as pickle
ball courts on the property. The area around Spivey Creek will remain an
open space that addresses storm water retention ponds and walking
paths and will not disturb the creek.
In a planned development like this critical issues such as infrastructure
requirements are addressed up front before construction begins. In this
case studies have been completed addressing the impact of increased
traffic and the water and sewer needs have been approved by the Water
and Sewer providers so as to insure there is adequate infrastructure for
the proposed number of homes.
Landrum is looking forward to working with the experienced developers to
plan and develop this beautiful piece of property and insure that it will be an asset to our community.

The Flexible Review District will become a permanent section included in the New Zoning Ordinance. This document may be viewed on this website under ZONING & CODE under The Zoning Ordinance tab.

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